Xtracking Would you like to know how, in four steps, Juan Valdez, Bosi, Cromantic, Dentisauld, Popsy; among others, meassure their customer's experience in real time? Read more »
Our New Member: Tupperware With the App Soy Tupperware, the Tupperware girls have all the information on their hand: catalogues, orders, following to customers, orders and goals. Everything they need to growth their business. Read more »
Our New Member: Transportadora Egoba The way enterprises operates has changed and Transportadora Egoba is a clear example of this transformations. Egoba is one of the top companies in it's industry and now innovates offering mobility to their employees. Read more »
Our New Member: Weex The telephony has changed and Weex is part of this change. With this app you will be able to create personalized plans, have the control of your internet, voice and SMS, create micro-packages with your favorite apps and more! Read more »
Our New Member: Fuller With Soy Fullerette App, the fullerettes have transform the way they do orders. Now, they have the power of their business in their hands. Read more »
Videomate Transform your customer's contact experience through video calls. From their mobile devices! Read more »
Success History: Colmedica Mobile App The number one Colombian company of pre-paid medicine is now the #1 Mobile App at medicine category at Colombia. Read more »
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Excelsior TV Interview: Second Study of Enterprise Mobility en Mexico
For the companies in México, the mobile revolution continues transforming the world of business in the competing, the expectations of its customers and the manner in which its partners interact.
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Download the Second Study of Enterprise Mobility
The adoption of mobile applications continues growing in business and reached almost nine out of 10 leading companies in Mexico.
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